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Location: Main building of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in the basement, room no. 4.

The Bindery service offers binding of books, lecture books and theses in cloth, half-cloth, paper boards; lecture book and thesis binding, and sheet cutting.

Opening Hours
  during the school year in summer
Monday 7 am - 3.30 pm 7 am - 3.30 pm
Tuesday 7 am - 3.30 pm 7 am - 3.30 pm
Wednesday 7 am - 3.30 pm 7 am - 3.30 pm
Thursday 7 am - 3.30 pm 7 am - 3.30 pm
Friday 7 am - 1 pm 7 am - 3.30 pm

Binding (HUF + 25% VAT)*
  A4 B5
paper boards 300  
half-cloth 1100 900
cloth 1300  
thesis ** 1400
      * Prices are only for information.
    ** Theses handed in before noon are bound by the following workday.

The Library’s Bindery was established in 1950. At the beginning there was only one person working in the office which was located on the third floor of the Main Building. In 1969 it moved into the basement rooms no. 4-6 where it can still be found. In 2006 the staff and the printing equipments of the old Kenézy Library moved also here, so the Bindery was extended with two more rooms and an exhibition room. In this room one can find machines and tools used for binding, about their use and history presentations can be held.

The number of the people working in the Bindery has also increased during the years: at the moment we have 6 co-workers working in the Bindery.

One of the main directions of our activity is to serve the demands of the University Library and those of the libraries of the individual departments of the University of Debrecen, these include: binding serials, newspapers, books, producing lecture notes and different publications, these mechanisms are also associated with different work processes of the Bindery.

Another main direction of our services constitutes of the demands of the teachers and students of the University. In this respect we aim to provide them with the widest range of services: the binding of doctoral theses, theses, as well as the reparation of lecture books.

Appointment for a presentation can be prearranged here:

  • Phone number: (52) 512-900 ext. 22177
  • E-mail:

The machines of the Bindery from the 1950s: