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  1. is a comfortable and indispensable tool for making citations and bibliographies
  2. searches online bibliographic databases. (It provides instant access to hundreds of bibliographic databases (MEDLINE, the Library of Congress, Pubmed, university library catalogues) on one interface. Other database connections can be configured, saved in EndNote. Citations found in online databases can simply be imported into one’s own EndNote database.)

1. Organizing bibliographic references

  • users can collect an unlimited number of libraries
  • users can store an unlimited number of citations (even 10 pages long and 50KBs apiece)
  • citations can include 52 fields, e.g. author, year, title, periodical, volume, issue, page, keywords, abstract, comments, URL link to the full-text article
  • 540 imported filters are available, but users can also make their own filters
  • ffective search engines, global editing
  • find full text function
  • users can organize references in any Unicode-supported language

2. Create bibliographies

  • formatted preview image can be made in EndNote
  • output formats of 2300 publications are available, but users can also create their own formats
  • create instant bibliographies in text editors (Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, StarOffice…)
  • in case of modifying the document, the program updates citations and the bibliography
  • the bibliography can be created in HTML or XML format for publication in the Internet or in XML-compatible softwares
  • a travelling bibliography file supports group work, this can be attached to the document