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Network Printing

Three units of the University and National Library University of Debrecen operate with a common printing network system.
This makes it possible to send a printing command to the network from any of the connected computers (UNL workstations and remote PCs).
The documents waiting for printing can be printed in any of the above mentioned units of the library, at a price determined by the unit:

Arts and Sciences Library, Reprography Monochrome 25 HUF/page
Colour 150 HUF/page
Ken├ęzy Life Sciences Library Monochrome 25 HUF/page
Social Sciences Library Monochrome 20 HUF/page

Printing from UNL workstations

  1. Choose the document to print.
  2. Open the document.
  3. Choose the Print command in File menu or press the printer icon in the upper row.
  4. Set Printing properties in the window displayed.
  5. Press the button Print.
  6. Go to the Information Desk (in the Arts and Sciences Library: 3rd floor, Reprography).
  7. Printing is finished by librarians after payment.
  8. Get the printed pages.

Printing from remote PCs

  1. Computers must be connected to the network.
  2. Documents sent for printing can be received in any of the above mentioned units of the library.
  3. The charge of printing is determined on the basis of the given unit's pricing.

Self-service printing with library card

The service can be used in units mentioned above.

A/4 monochrome single-sided 8 HUF
duplex 12 HUF
color single-sided 24 HUF
A/3 monochrome single-sided 22 HUF
color single-sided 48 HUF
Scanning   one page 8 HUF
The price of the chip is 500 HUF which is printable.