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Researchers collect a multitude of information in the course of scientific work. Collecting, managing and publishing these in research papers are getting harder and harder and more and more time-consuming.

This online service offers the followings:

  • Creating a database of one’s own. Data can be imported in more possible ways:
    • from databases,,
    • importing data from saved text files,
    • manually entering references,
    • converting references from other bibliographic management products.
  • Collected articles can be arranged and retrieved according to user demands and more other features (like author, title, subject heading, etc.).
  • From references imported into the database a citation list can be made in hundreds of bibliographic output styles (MLA, APA, Harvard, and a number of formats defined by periodicals, e.g. ACM Computing Reviews, AIDS Research and Therapy, Journal of Economic Literature, Linguistic Typology). Or users can define their own formats.
  • The content of the database can be shared with research partners. Different levels of authority (reading, exporting, generating citation list, etc.) can be defined for them.

Access, and click on Login.

  • If you access the website from a computer with a university IP address, you can see the RefWorks User Login form. Choose the link named Sign up for an Individual account and fill in the form. You can choose your own username and password – it is recommended to give the official institutional e-mail address.
  • You can also use this service from a non-registered IP address. For this, you have to give the institutional password in the „Remote Access” tab, which is „RWUniDeb”. The further steps are the same as seen above.

On the RefWorks website you can find detailed tutorials. Online guides can be found in the Tutorial tab of the Help menu, the Quick Start Guide is a brief summary of RefWorks services written in several languages.